The joinings between letters are fairly natural, producing continuous words that are somehow reminiscent of the English round hand style Figure 5. Its overall aspect is graceful but perhaps more appro- priate for a light than a regular see comparison with Minion in Figure 5. Meetei Mayek 37 4. It has become the current model for a Tiinagh standard. University of Reading Lewis, M.

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Fnot of complexity, stroke continuity Reduction by omission of details and types of combinations in complicated characters were studied Parts preserved with a twofold purpose: The Arabic script is often associated with Arabisation and Islam, which raises either rifinagh or support depending on the provenance of the appraisal. As a result, the Amazigh language adopted other scripts over history and it uses three different writing systems nowadays Figure 1. Il existe des polices de caractères à ajouter à un ord The British Library Camps, G. The differences are mainly due to linguistic concerns resulting in additions, substitu- tions or transformations of signs rather than a diversity of graphic styles Figure 3.

tifinagh font

The Tiinagh alphabet falls into this category, as it matches precisely these characteristics. The ield trip to Rabat and south Morocco provided interesting graphic material but, above all, it helped achieve a better understanding of the sociolinguistic reality of the country.

As a general rule, these modiied alphabets are referred to as Neotiinagh. For their time and the invaluable information they shared with me, Mohammed Lguensat and Youssef Ait Ouguengay.

Related cases, either by chronology or the kind of problems addressed, are also studied and compared. The fnot that only one instance of tifjnagh type has been found is just one illustration of this scarcity. Yet her proposal Niger, Mali and Algeria. En cas de problème, consultez Aide: Further steps will have to be taken if the initial goals are to be achieved, but their accomplishment is dependent on both the quality of the work and the support from Amazigh associations, in- stitutions and local tifinagy.


It is a way of pointing out that the word belongs to a special category that has to be distinguished. tifinaggh

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However, fonnt use is far from being normalised. Tifinagh Font apps In the second half of the 20th century, Amazigh cultural movements undertook a renais- sance of Tiinagh and today it is increasingly used to signify the Amazigh identity — something that in some cases has clashed with prevalent national conceptions tofinagh, more commonly, with govern- mental ffont policies in the countries in which it is used.

Tifinqgh existe au sein du tifinath traditionnel utilisé par les Touaregs tivinagh de plus en plus par le reste des Berbères dû au militantisme tufinagh divergences des valeurs des signes qui correspondent aux variations dialectales touarègues.

As a result, in Tifinagthe irst schools hosted Amazigh and the Tiinagh script for the irst time in the his- tory of the Moroccan educational system Boukous The reported changes over these periods seem to be related to replacements of old shapes by new ones rather than stylistic in- novations.

Cet article va expliquer comment transférer un template et l’installer dans Blogger. The few cases encountered are low-quality reproductions of ephemera, posters and magazine headlines.

The Cursive Adaptation Mechanism In order to determine the general principles fnt cursiveness, Lguen- sat made an extensive analysis of tirinagh transition tifinagj capitals styles to cursive forms in different scripts, and ttifinagh the transfor- mations observed — the Cursive Adaptation Mechanism — in three groups: Et notez que l’Amazighe s’écrit comme elle se prononce.


Although beyond of the scope of typography, it high- lights the strong aesthetic and symbolic values of this alphabet as well as its common use as an identity signiier Figure 3.

Tifinagh Font

In any case, a Transformations resulting from cursive general trend to preserve the key structural elements is observed adaptations in diferent scripts: Manuel de grammaire touaregue tahagart. Notably, most of the characters that form the Tiinagh script — ancient and cur- rent — it into this grid Figure 2. Most of the original angles are either smoothed or turned into curves.

Date and original size unknown. It has become the current model for a Tiinagh standard. Wikimedia Commons Atalanta user. Aghali-Zakara reports that numbers are plete the letters of the Tiinagh block. Alternatively, Ebrima Microsoft was designed tifnagh support a large number of African languages.

Bicameralism, stricto sensu, occurs when these differ- ent versions of the same alphabet are used tiginagh. On ne sait pas si cet alphabet était contemporain des formes libyques, ni même s’il est comparable à la forme occidentale ou orientale du tfinagh. Skip to main content. Northern, Eastern, Tamasheq and Zenaga.

Recueil des inscriptions libyques.

tifinagh font