Celtics Outdoor Soccer League

Antigonish Co-ed Soccer
Antigonish Celtics Soccer Club would like to run U-18 and older co-ed soccer again this summer, all at the beautiful Central Turf Field 
Start: Thursday, June 13th and every Sunday after from 6 - 8 pm, and every Thursday from 8 - 10 pm (we have lights when needed) until Thursday, August 29th, the last day.
Everyone will have to register online and pay the $100 fee before being allowed to play.  Reason: The Soccer Club pays for field use, expensive insurance for all players (we could lose our insurance for the whole club if unregistered people play and get hurt), the night lights, and provides the balls, pinnies, and field markers for your use. 
1. 45 minute halves.
2. Unlimited substitution (must be within 10 yards of the bench).
3. No slide tackling.
4. All free kicks are indirect (except penalty kicks), opponents must be 10 yards from the kick.
5. Goalkeepers cannot slide outside the 18 yard box.
6. Goalkeepers cannot drop-kick the ball.
Depending upon the turn out, the game format above may be changed to suit the numbers.
To Register go to www.antigonishcelticssoccer.com and click on the Green Register Now Button
For more information contact: Glen McCannel -- glen.mccannel@gmail.com
                                           Susan Hickey -- antigonishminorsoccer@hotmail.com  or phone -- 902-863-1383.