Columbus Field

Take any exit to Antigonish Town and proceed to 121 Main St.. Columbus Field is at the east end of Main St., before the street lights at Main and St. Andrew St.

  Click Here for map.

This field is not available for the month of July

Coaches when you wish time on a soccer  field for a practice please click on each field calendar to see when the field is available.  Susan will pre-book field time which you will see as a Club Hold and then email Susan at and she will confirm your request with you.  If you have any questions please call me at 863-1383 or cell 867-0542.

Example:  I hold time on the Jr School Field from 5-8pm.  This will be called a Club Hold.  You the coach want to practice from 6-730.  You email me your request and I will enter it into the calendar and confirm by email that you can have the slot.  Keep in mind that at times more then one team will be on the field.  If you need the whole field you will have to note that in your email.  Game slots take priority over practices.